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Nickel Copy

Nickel Copy

Recent Coins Purchased:

5 FRANCS ONU 1995 8 098 Copies Coin Copper Nickel Quality BU, 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel 2 Ounce COPY Proof Coin Two Oz 999 Fine Silver Round, 999 FS 2 TROY OUNCE SILVER INGOT BAR ROUND 1866 SHIELD NICKEL LARGE COPY COIN, 2001 INDIAN HEAD BUFFALO NICKEL SILVER PLATED COIN COPY CSO569, vintage Whitman folder Buffalo Nickels rare copy from early 1940ies, 2014 Gold Plated Buffalo Nickel 13 Ounces Encased in Plastic Marked Copy, Lot of 2 Wooden Nickel Trade for Copy of Declaration of Independence York Bank,

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